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CLUCI Wome Kaklarota Cietā 925 Sterling Sudraba Ķēde ar Pavasara Aizdare, lai Kulons SN008-SN023



Pieejamība :Pieejams


Tagi: 925 bamoer, 925 sudraba sterl, necklac, 925 sudrabs, soma lielveikalu, neckless sievietēm, 925 sudraba rotaslietas, apkakle atraut, sudraba paredz kaklarota, lietie sudraba ķēde.


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  • Metālu Tips: SUDRABA
  • Sānu Akmens: NAV
  • Modeļa Numurs: SN008-SN023
  • Metāla Zīmogs: 925,Mārciņa
  • Godu: Puse
  • Kaklarota Tips: Ķēdes, Kaklarotas
  • Dzimums: SIEVIETES
  • Izcelsme: KN(Izcelsmes valsts)
  • Sods vai Modes: Sods
  • aizdare: Pavasara Aizdare
  • Zīmola Nosaukums: CLUCI
  • Vienuma Tips: Kaklarotas
  • Formas\raksts: lock
  • Sertifikāta Veids: NGTC
  • Galvenais Akmens: NAV
  • Stils: Moderns
  • Ķēdes Tips: Čūska Ķēdes
  • Kulons Izmērs: No

It has come folded and with the bath jumped

Ishkumarsachdeva (2020-09-23)

The names of this chain is a very unsuccessful choice, it's not even a chain, but a wire with a soldered lock. I came bent in several places, it's impossible to fix it, because there are creases, I think it is not possible to use it for purpose. Perhaps before the first use, even if it had not arrived. On the surface of the metal, white stains of the attack, which are not removed by a cleaning cloth. I was very disappointed, since I previously made purchases in this store and the quality of the goods was very good. Opened the dispute, deducted the cost of the lock and wire, as in fact I bought the wire and the lock, deducted from the paid amount of 250 rubles and the dispute closed in my favor. Wire and lock used to create a pendant. If I hadn't found their application, I would have returned the entire amount to myself. In short, I do not advise this model, definitely!

Oxtoplenie 07 (2020-10-21)

Very shiny!

Silver Eagle 47 (2020-11-16)

Uzraksti atsauksmi!

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