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Skatīties Skalu, ar Gaismas, lai NH36 SKX007/009 SBBN033/SBDX017 Skatīties Kustību Daļas



Pieejamība :Pieejams


Tagi: vīrieši watch dial daļa, nh35 nh36 kustība, huayra skatīties, dial nh36, vostok, dg2813 kustība, kustība nh35, dial skx, gredzens nh35 gadījumā, 2824 kustība.


Skatīties Skalu, ar Gaismas Rezerves Daļu NH36 SKX007/009 SBBN033/SBDX017


l naudas Sodu meistarība un perfekts stils

l Dial diametrs 28.5 mm

l Piemērots NH35A, NH36A kustība

l Pieņemt Japāņu super C3 gaismas, lai jūsu skatīties vairākas unikālas tumsā


l Modelis: Black mazo fangs stils; melna pamata stils; melna lielajās fangs stils

l Piemērojamie modeļi: par NH36 SKX007/009 SBBN033/SBDX017

l Dial diametrs: 28.5 mm

Pakete Ietver:

l 1 x Skatīties Skalu

  • Piemērots: par NH35A, NH36A kustība
  • Izcelsme: KN(Izcelsmes valsts)
  • Zīmola Nosaukums: LICHIFIT
  • Dial Diametrs: 28.5 MM
  • Preci: Skatīties Skalu
  • Veids: Ekrāna Aizsargi

Magnificent dial. It is one of the few who make Ali Express with double window. Almost everyone has only for the date of the month, but not for the day of the week. In this store it took very little to arrive. That is very good considering what China's orders usually take. It's very well built. I like the detail of the timetables topped on a silver edge. Quality is perceived in the dark as the good composition of lumen makes the markers look with all sharpness. Excellent. I hope the hands I ordered are up to this dial. Recommended purchase, and very good value for money.

Kayhibbert1 (2020-10-16)

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